"My three children all currently attend Green Gable Children's Center while my husband and I work. Green Gable was recommended to us through a co-worker of my husband, and we have been very happy with the care our children receive. The teachers are patient, caring and friendly; they always greet us with a kind smile in the morning when we arrive. The owners, Rebecca and George, always seem open to questions and feedback from parents. The teachers do a great job teaching math, the alphabet and doing lessons and crafts based on the theme of the week. My oldest son started kindergarten this year, and I feel that his lessons at Green gable prepared him well for kindergarten. My husband and I feel grateful for the peace of mind that Green Gable provides: that, while we are away at work, our children are safe, learning valuable lessons, eating healthy meals and having fun with friends and teachers who care about them."
Sarah Fincham, Green Gable parent

Green Gables has been an integral part of our life for the past 7 years. One of the most difficult parts of being working parents is finding an environment that provides excellent care, as well as love and nurturing. We have found that in Green Gables! The teachers and staff have created an environment that nurtures my children’s creative, intellectual and social development. In addition, extra amenities such as school transportation, homework assistance and providing medical needs (nebulizer/medications) help make my life easier! I leave Green Gables in the morning knowing without a doubt that my children will receive the best care and lots of love!
To me there is no better recommendation than both of my boys often ignoring me when I pick them up or hiding so they can stay longer. I would enthusiastically recommend Green Gable to any family!
Lindsay and Joe Williams, Eastern Washington University

Green Gables has been an integral part of our lives for the past seven years. As two full-time working parents, it has been such an important partnership for us. Our kids have had excellent teachers and directors who really make the effort to connect with them, and we've even had teachers attend the kids' sporting events! As an added bonus, we have also established great friendships with other Green Gables families through our kids' friendships that they have fostered there. The vanning service for our school aged children is a great service, and it provides us a great comfort to know that when our daughter is done with her school day (2nd grade), she gets to be back with her little brother, who will be starting Kindergarten this Fall. The structure and additional education that this center provides for school-aged children is very important to us, in addition to the loving atmosphere provided to all. The toughest thing that a parent ever has to do is leave their child, but we would not hesitate for a second to recommend leaving them in the care of Green Gables."
Penny and Adam Hencz

"My son has been enrolled in Green Gable since he was six months old; he is now in Kindergarten. Throughout his stay at Green Gable, I have been impressed with the teachers; they clearly care about the children and they have educational backgrounds (e.g., degrees in education, early childhood development, or related fields) that assist them with finding fun, creative, and developmentally appropriate activities for the children. I was pleased to find that the preschool program really did help to prepare my son for Kindergarten. In addition, the building is well kept, providing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for children to learn and play. My son has made many good friends at Green Gable, and there are times when I come to pick him up and he asks if he can play "just a little longer." I have been pleased with our experience with Green Gable and I would recommend it to other families who are searching for a caring learning environment for their children."
Anna Fritts, Ph.D., School Psychologist, Spokane Public Schools

"My husband Derek and I cannot say enough good things about Green Gable Child Care Center. We love the school. They have a warm, friendly, loving environment and professional staff. Green Gable understands children and lets them be children. They are like a second home for our son, we have seen him grow so much while in their care. The teachers are like family to us. Most days, he does not want to leave because he is having such a good time. If you are looking for a high quality child care center that will treat you and your children with love and respect, Green Gable is the place."
Deborah and Derek Banning

"It is never easy as a new parent to leave your child at daycare, but my experience with Green Gables has been very positive. My daughter has thrived academically and socially. She has attended Green Gables for over a year and has close relationships with the teachers and other children at the center. As an elementary teacher I am very impressed with the curriculum. Weekly informational sheets with learning objectives are available for each group, so I always have talking points with my daughter about what she is learning in school each day. I value the caring teachers and owners every day. Knowing that my daughter is engaged in learning and social activities throughout the day with her peers makes it easier to go to work. I appreciate seeing the owners on a regular basis working and supporting the teachers and children. They have a hands-on approach to their business and care about the well -being of children. All of the things children need to be healthy are thought of daily. Meals are prepared by a chef from scratch. The center has a quiet nap time during the middle of the day. Green Gables Children's Learning Center is a great place for children.
M. Mayer, 1st Grade Teacher, Spokane Public Schools










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