Our weekly curriculum is theme-based. Themes include areas of learning such as: Farm Life, Transportation, Nutrition, Sparkling Snow, Zoo Animals, Dinosaurs, Make Believe, Weather and so many more! We incorporate social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the child into our daily curriculum in an age-appropriate manner.

Our schedule provides a balanced combination of both child-directed and teacher-directed activities.

Infant 1 month to 12 months (57th location only)

Each day, the infants set the pace and routine in the baby room. Their schedules are based solely on the needs of your baby. From naptime to feedings, our trained and loving staff tends to the different schedules of each individual infant. We introduce our littlest ones to books, music, baby sign language, age-appropriate rattles, toys, baby gym, etc. Every day, we provide the most loving, nurturing and comfortable environment for your infant. After all, it can be unsettling to leave your new baby and head off to work; especially for our new moms. We understand that and will do everything in our power to make the transition easier for both you and your baby.

Toddler 12 to 24 months (57th location only)

Our small friends begin to walk and explore the world. We are right there beside them, helping them walk, jump and dance! We have fun circle-time activities including days of the week, introduction to colors, numbers, letters, storytime, arts and crafts and lots of play to enhance their gross motor skills. We have lots of singing and dancing. Our music teacher comes in monthly and teaches the children lots of new songs with her musical instruments. The children have a full day of learning through play and playing to learn!

Two’s 24-36 months (57th location)
30-36 months and potty-trained (Waterford Court location)

At the age of discovery, our two year olds have a wonderful time exploring our theme-based preschool curriculum. We focus on the four developmental areas including social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. Circle-time activities are extended since they are no longer toddler’s and include the next level of learning. Again, they practice counting, letters, colors, sign language, and more. Each day is full of different and challenging activities from puzzles to arts and crafts, from building blocks to magnetic balls, from matching games to singing games, the children are sure to be engaged throughout the day.

Three’s (57th and Waterford Court locations)

Pre-school is at the fore-front of our childcare center, so you get both for the price of one! Our schedule provides for free choice centers coupled with hands-on learning. Circle- time is full of theme-based activities including books, songs, and special projects. The children continue to learn their numbers and letters, as they are exposed to a richer vocabulary. Planned art and creative thinking projects encompass each day along with centers that offer a wide variety of educational opportunities including math, science, language, practical life, fine and gross motor and dramatic play.

Four’s, Five’s and Pre-K (57th and Waterford Court locations)

Children in our preschool program are truly Kindergarten ready! We continue all of the learning goals as our preschoolers continue to grow. Circle-time continues to be an important group learning opportunity and our teachers create a wonderful theme-based curriculum each week to excite and enrich the children. Each day includes fun and engaging activities that reinforce writing numbers and letters, practicing words and phrases, creating science projects, exploring popcorn math, rehearsing dramatic play and skits, singing songs, and creative art, to name just a few.

School-Age (Waterford Court location)

Before and after school care is available for our school-age children. Transportation to and from area schools is offered, along with an organized and thoughtful after-school program. This program takes into account the fact that your child has been in the classroom all day and needs to take some time to relax and play and then, do homework, as needed. Our science, language and math all take on a new meaning as the children have fun in our relaxing environment. Creating their own cooking projects, word seek puzzles, board games, field trips and the like are all part of the after-school program.









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